My aspiration is to contribute to transforming how we manage human excreta to ensure that nutrients are returned to agriculture in a way that supports healthy soils and healthy food, and protects human health and the environment.


PhD in Chemical Environmental Science
Chalmers University of Technology

MSc in Civil Engineering (cum laude)
Delft University of Technology

BSc ETH in Civil Engineering
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

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Urban Water Management
Sanitation and Management of Human Excreta

Food and Farming Systems
Ecology and Agroecology

Complex Systems
Environmental Assessment

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Robin Harder
Dr.ir. Robin Harder

Postdoctoral Researcher
Chalmers University of Technology

Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow
The University of British Columbia

Current Research

Managing human excreta for soil, food and nutrient security

Selected Publications

Recycling Nutrients contained in human excreta to agriculture: Pathways, processes, and products

Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology DOI:10.1080/10643389.2018.1558889
Harder R, Wielemaker R, Larsen TA, Zeeman G, Öberg G

Review of Environmental Assessment Case Studies Blending Elements of Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental Science and Technology 49(22):13083-13093
Harder R, Holmquist H, Molander S, Svanström M,Peters GM

Pathways and Management of Phosphorus in Urban Areas

Journal of Industrial Ecology 16(6):928-939
Kalmykova Y, Harder R, Borgestedt H, Svanäng I